Monday, October 13, 2008

So, Static Isn't Working For Me!

I am conflicted. I cannot post as often as I would like, so part of me feels very guilty when I am "trying" to post daily and cannot. I feel like I am letting my readers down. However, I guess not posting anything is just as much of a let down. I had a long conversation with myself today though and I forgot that I started blogging for ME not anyone else, not to get readers, not to make money on adsense (which if you must know, I have yet to do!!)

I realized that while it is still going good, my finances feel chaotic because I am not talking about them. I am not getting ideas out of my head and on to paper... or screen. I need that. I need it for me and my sanity. I had forgotten how much blogging helps ME! So, I am back with this post and maybe another one, or maybe not (that is honestly why I stress subscribing... not to get a bunch of subscribers but so you will know if I post again.)

So, a little update. September was actually a little anniversary for me. It marked one year of putting my finances down on paper each month. I now have a better streamlined version, but those first few months of actually doing it on paper really helped me work out the kinks. I have also upped my grocery budget. I was really trying to come in under budget each month, but no matter how little I bought, or how many coupons I clipped, it was becoming apparent that my budget was inadequate. So, now I am shooting for $400 per month. I think this may have to increase even a bit more. For no other reason than the cost of things going up so much.

I really did myself some good this summer. I posted a couple times on how I planned to change my paycheck deductions, my w4 etc. Well, I did those things just in the nick of time. I think that is why the gas issue didn't really affect us. Now that prices are going back down, I can actually use those increases I added to my budget to pay down some more debt.

I found out some bad-good news this week. I do NOT qualify anymore to have $5000 paid back on my student loans. This is bad because, well, if I had remained a regular classroom teacher i would have gotten the money. However, I also consider it good news because I was planning on doing this weird sidestep thing on paying back that debt and now I know I can just go ahead and pay it down like any other debt because there will be no extra money.

I am starting to get a little backsliding from my dear husband... He is starting to want to spend again. He got a raise at work which I think would be best served going to pay back debt, however he thinks I should add it to his biweekly allowance. I do not agree. We will see what comes of this.

Anyway, I have had ideas recently for posts, but I did nothing with them since I was "static" over here. I have changed my mind. I think I will post when the mood strikes me, but as usual, you can expect this blog to pick up more around holidays and summer. Today is my first true "day off" (no kids, no work) since July!! Ahhhhhh....... I am enjoying it.

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Father Sez said...

No problem, Jen. Take your time. When we are writing the story of our own lives, sometimes we feel that there is nothing interesting to put down in writing.

I tried to post daily, now I do it 3 times a week, and even then sometimes I fail.

Still life goes on....