Thursday, September 4, 2008

WOW! PoW Retro

PoW Retro (that is Picture of Wealth, not prisoner of war) is a look back at some of my favorite posts over the past year and a half. I hope you enjoy these!

I don’t know when you will actually read this but today is July 28, 2008 (I am scheduling this for some time in the future). This post was written exactly a year ago today, and I tell you what. I still use this to make me feel better when I see others with toys I would like to have, but choose not to buy in order to become debt free. Who knows maybe it will help you too!!

** Just to clarify... I wrote this post in July, but it is being posted in September!! Ahh, the magic of the internet. (and today is still July 28, 2008) It is like time travel.

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