Sunday, March 16, 2008

Free Money!!!

A year ago, I signed up for Suze Orman's Save Yourself Plan at TD Ameritrade. I read her book Women and Money (see left hand side bar) and that is probably what began this blog. Well, I am happy to report that for one full year I saved $50 every month, never made a single withdrawal, and I am now the proud new owner of 100 FREE dollars!!! Yup, if you saved at least $50 monthly for one year TD Ameritrade would GIVE you a hundred dollars. I also made $16 in interest so I guess my grand total is $116 made on my money. I have no plans for it at all. I hope to just contiue saving it. Right now we have plenty of money saved for the baby and it doesn't look like I will need that money at all!!!!

Please forgive me for my lack of posting. Things are very hectic right now as the baby is due any day!!!!

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Shelby T said...

Wow, how exciting! I think I might check that out. I also want to apologize that I haven't commented in a while. I just found out that my ex is having a baby with his new wife...I had to take a few weeks to process. Anyway, your journey has been so inspirational. Especially since you are saving while still taking care of your family. Time with family is the most important thing. Although if I could choose between having all of my debt paid off right now, or extra time with my kids...I think I would pick the debt pay-off, and make up for lost time later. Have you had your baby yet? I can't wait to hear more about your savings and debt-payoff with the new addition! Shelby T.