Friday, October 16, 2009

Yes Virginia, You CAN Blow Your Entire Emergency Fund in a Day

Wow! Talk about a weekend! I guess it all started with a dishwasher. Our dishwasher was having trouble. I said, let's repair it. Dh said, I need a new tool and I can fix it. Father in Law says lets look to see what kind of tool he needs. Wait I can fix it with this tool. Oops, I broke your dishwasher. $365.

I say, I have some work to do on Monday while school is out. Take kids to daycare. Service engine light illuminates. Car in shop $900.

New dishwasher installed. Push button. Nothing happens. Open up. Food stains inside. Uh-oh don't shop at Best Buy. Don't buy open box even if Best Buy says is new.

No more dishwashers. We will give you floor model. Ok, says DH. No way, say I. +$35 for 10 % discount.

Window men come to replace windows (planned for months). Window man say, can't fix this one the casing is rotten through. Call repair man first then we replace. $???

This little demo is just a reminder that $1000 won't always cut it.... we havent even gotten the hospital bills yet, oy!!

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