Thursday, November 1, 2007

Looking for Reader Input!!!

I have a question that is important to me, but I don't have the answer to it. Where can you safely keep passwords and other information that you may not use often or may forget easily? I try to keep the same user name and password for as much as I can. However some sites don't allow you to use what you normally use. I have also come across sites that make you change your password WAY too frequently. My university was guilty of this. You had to change it monthly and you could NEVER reuse an old one. It really sucked. So, what do you do? I have several online banking accounts. What would happen if something happened to me and this money was forgotten about? I had thought about keeping the info with my life insurance policies that my husband knows the location of, but I keep that in a pick up file box in case we ever need to evacuate for some reason (I can just pick it up and have all of our birth certificates etc) However, I am worried that it could be stolen and with it all of my bank info. We do not have a safe deposit box. Computers crash, so where else could I keep this information. If you have any other ideas I would love to hear them.


Shelby T said...

Welcome back! I hope things are great for you. If you always have your purse with you, you could use my method. I keep all password on a business card in my wallet. I am very careful with my purse, and i don't have exactly what the passwords are for written right next to them. So, that is my input. How is your debt paydown going? I would love to hear some inpriation and tips. Are you still watching the grocery situation carefully? Shelby T.

Shelby T said...

I have been thinking about my advice on where to keep password, etc. I actually realized that was not a great idea after all, and broke down and put it in a safe deposit box. My brother has one that he is not using, so he is letting me use it for free. So, I would suggest you getting one. I think I will try to transfer most of my valuable documents, papers, and passwords there soon. By the by, how are you and the baby? I had a moment of weakness about a month ago and opened a credit card at a store to save money. I used it a few times, then paid it off and closed it. Yikes! I am better now. Shelby T.

Jen said...

I actually had my purse stolen 4 years ago right before Christmas so I don't really keep much in there at all. I am still thinking of keeping it in with my life insurance info. That is not a place a thief is likely to look and it would be something my husband would have to look at if anything were to happen to me. I think you are right though a safe deposit box is the best place. Actually I saw a thing about fire-safe safes on tv this morning and I am thinking of possibly investing in one.