Saturday, May 5, 2007

I can't believe it has been exactly a month since my last post! I guess it is because I have not been doing so well lately. Last month when I paid my bills, I had exactly to the dollar the amount of money to cover them and NO extra. That meant no extra money to pay on CC debt etc. I was bummed. This month I paid a FEW dollars extra on each bill, but I still don't have a lot of extra. We are working on it. We switched our phone over to our cable company. It is really crazy, we get extra channels a dvr and it is still cheaper than our cable and phone combined. I can't believe it. But it will save us an additional $20 a month. Add that to the $20 I saved when I cancelled our long distance and it is $40 PLUS we get long distance back. Crazy! I also had $50 stop coming out for the girls' college, and $100 for my deferred comp but it still came out this month. This summer I plan to make the biggest dent in my debt. I am going to teach summer school and will make about $100 a day for 4 hours worth of work. I really wanted a break from teaching, but this will be okay because it is only for the first 4 weeks. I will still have July off. I am thinking I will split the money between savings and debt.

Places I messed up
I spent close to $200 on my CC for a day guard for my TMJ. In a way I don't think this is that bad because if it didn't get fixed it could cause me more debt in the form of surgery bills, but still it erased two months worth of CC payments... bummer.

Husband and I cannot seem to stop eating at Taco Bell. I have just not felt like cooking a damn thing lately.

I had to buy $115 worth of groceries on my card because I didn't have the cash for them (this actually turned out to be a plus kind of because I would have overdrawn my account if I had used my debit card- I wasn't keeping up with balancing my check book :( ...)

Plans for this month-
Keep extra expenses to a min. Husband gets paid extra check this month and we are going to try to work it instead of overspend. I hope.

If I do end up with extra money from my gas or lunch budget I am going to put that cash toward my debt before paying next month's bills.

I am going to talk to my payroll dept and see if they know something about that def. comp payment continuing to come out.

Upcoming chances to pay off debt.
- Summer school check
- I will get a RAISE next year... yea! 3% plus an extra year exp. raise!

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